Riverside Rebels

“I would highly recommend this running group to anyone thinking of taking up running. 8 weeks ago I couldn’t run for 2 minutes and today I ran for 20 minutes without stopping- an amazing feeling! With 2 weeks to go until I do my first park run I am excited and I never ever thought I
 would be saying that! Running is a great stress buster and so is socialising whilst you do it! Give this group a go- you won’t be disappointed!” – Beth M


“I can’t recommend the Riverside Rebels highly enough. I’ve gone from a no-hoper to a runner in 4 months and I love it! Emma & Darren are so encouraging and enthusiastic and learning to run has been not only relatively easy but fun along the way; anyone who knows the old me will
realise just what an achievement that really is.” – Jackie B 


“What do I like about Riverside Rebels running group? Emma and Darren are excellent coaches, their running classes are fantastic and we are a friendly, considerate group. It’s amazing; a few weeks in, how we are encouraged and supported in our endeavours to keep going and how noticeable it is that we are all improving with our ability to jog along for the duration, as if it is 2nd nature ….and to be able to talk at the same time. Awesome!” – Diana T


“Great group of guys with lots of motivation on tap to spur in when flagging!! Nearly finished 10 weeks and have loved it. Go for it!” – Helen S


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